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Mapping to POJOs couldn’t be easier!

Since MongoDB uses BSON, a binary form of JSON, to store its documents, a JSON mapper is a perfect mechanism for mapping Java objects to MongoDB documents. And the best Java JSON mapper is Jackson. Jackson’s parsing/generating interface fits serialising to MongoDBs documents like a glove. Its plugins, custom creators, serialisers, views, pluggable annotators and so on give this mapping library a massive head start, making it powerful, performant, and robust.

Quick start

This is what using MongoJack looks like:

JacksonDBCollection<MyObject, String> coll = JacksonDBCollection.wrap(dbCollection, MyObject.class,
MyObject myObject = ...
WriteResult<MyObject, String> result = coll.insert(myObject);
String id = result.getSavedId();
MyObject savedObject = coll.findOneById(id);

Both the object itself and the id of the object are strongly typed. If the id is generated, you can easily obtain it from the write result.


  • Deserialises queried objects directly from the MongoDB stream, making it one of the (if not the) fastest object mappers for MongoDB out there.
  • Uses Jackson for object mapping, so compatible with most Jackson features, including custom serialisers and deserialisers, creators, views, annotation introspectors, etc.
  • Wraps the MongoDB driver DBCollection, providing most of the original methods, plus strongly typed versions.
  • Gives low level access to advanced MongoDB driver features.
  • Supports querying using objects as templates, and selecting fields to return using objects as templates.
  • Supports mapping ObjectIds to strings and byte arrays, using an @ObjectID annotation.
  • Supports @javax.persistance.Id annotation for marking which property is the id (or just call it _id).
  • Provides interface to building update commands with update modifiers, which supports POJOs which will be serialised by Jackson.
  • Provides terse chained query builders
  • Supports database reference conventions, with convenience methods for fetching references and collections of references in one query.