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Released 2014.07.29

  • Update dependency versions (by lukelukeluke)
  • Extended Readme to explain Snapshot installations (by abc2mit)
  • Updated mongo-java-driver to newer version (by benmccann)
  • Upgrade Jackson and Bson4Jackson to prevent potential conflicts with Jackson 2.2.X (by yunspace)
  • Implementation of the mongoDB Aggregation feature
  • Added a how-to-release documentation


Released 2014.01.13

  • code cleanups & some new tests
  • upgrade mongo-java-driver to 2.11.3 and jackson to 2.2.3 (by benmccann)
  • adding parameterized findAndModify (by truthspirit)
  • updated mongo-java-driver, jackson-databind, bson4jackson and junit to newer versions (by benmccann)
  • Fixed bug in query serialization for DBQuery.all (by saadmufti)
  • Added some notes about thread-safety (by benmccann)
  • Updated pom.xml to build osgi bundle (by m-bs-jmeyer)
  • Proper update and query serialization support.
  • Renamed to MongoJack.
  • Added a DBSort helper utility.
  • Added a DBProjection helper utility.


Released 2012.04.20

  • Fixed bug when using DBRefs in update statements.


Released 2012.03.17

  • Added convenience method for configuring a custom object mapper
  • Documented the necessary use of custom mongo configuration when supplying a custom object mapper


Released 2012.02.23

  • Added map/reduce deserialisation support
  • Fixed bug in object deserialisation where ObjectIds were reported as string values
  • Added support for stream serialisation
  • Fixed bug in configuring jackson mappers with views


Released 2012.01.22

  • Upgraded to bson4jackson 1.3.0 to fix bug
  • Added elemMatch and where support to DBQuery


Released 2011.12.31

  • Upgraded to bson4jackson 1.2
  • Ensured byte arrays could be handled correctly
  • Fixed DBQuery collection method signature so its a collection of wildcards, not objects
  • Fixed bug in date handling


Released 2011.12.22

  • Added support for references
  • Made the use of stream parser optional
  • Allowed lists of @ObjectId annotated items to be serialised
  • Fixed handling of error objects in stream parser
  • Added DBQuery builder
  • Ensured Dates get serialised/deserialised to/from BSON date types


Released 2011.12.09

  • Fixed serialisation bug where ObjectId’s were being serialised to object


Released 2011.12.09

  • Fixed bug where an object containing all null values threw an NPE
  • Added parser using bson4jackson when deserialising from the DBCursor


Released 2011.12.07

  • Fixed bug in update so that multiple operations add with the same modifier don’t replace each other


Released 2011.12.06

  • Added builder for modifier based queries, with serialisation support


Released 2011.11.30

Initial release.